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  • Ajay Jain

    Information Technology Resume

    1209 Creekwood Drive
    Garland, Texas 75044-2421
    Data Warehousing architect and Data Modeler, applying Information Systems with Teradata database design, development and implementation, where more than 12 years of Client/Server, 5 years of Mainframe and 5 years of Administrative experience will add value. I am a US Citizen.

    Post Graduate Study, Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL
    MS, Information Systems (Honors) minor in Business Admin, Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL
    BS, Mechanical Engineering (Honors), Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India

    Honors and Awards
    * Elected Vice President Public Relations, Toastmasters International
    * Awarded Outstanding Performance & Achievement Awards, Dale Carnegie Course
    * Secured Merit Scholarship, Award for Academic Excellence, Roosevelt University
    * Nominated for Beta Gamma Sigma, National Scholastic Honor in Business
    * Won Bronze R Pin, University Leadership Award, Senator, Student Senate
    * Nominated for Green Key Society, meritorious Extra Curricular performance
    * Recipient of three Graduate Assistantship awards

    * Saved an estimated $5 million from Anheuser Buschs promotional marketing budget by enabling the individual Marketing Manager assume the responsibility for campaign budget approval
    * Raised QA productivity 50% by modeling and maintaining the Object Database writing 700+ methods and creating 300+ classes automating active testing through ODQL scripts
    * Reduced Audit workload by 50% of Department of Treasury in the State of Michigan through Data Analysis, Data Modeling and Database Design thereby implementing a Data Warehouse
    * Reduced duplicate data by 80% in State of Michigan by integrating various Data Models identifying common inter-agency data using Data Modeling tool ERwin
    * Increased American Institute Inc. (AMI) revenue potential by 150% as we analyzed, modeled, designed the employee background check Database for AMI through ODQL (Object SQL) scripts enabling universal outsourcing by AMI of background checks

    Technical Skills Summary
    * Database Management Systems: NCR 5100M Teradata, NCR Training: Teradata courses: (Physical DB Design ; Database Administration, Applications Utilities & SQL v2), SYBASE System 10, IBM DB2, ORACLE 8.i , MS SQL Server

    * Operating Systems: MS Windows 98, NT 4.0 Server, 2000 Advanced Server, IBM VM/CMS, UNIX SVR4, HP-UX

    * Programming Languages: SQL, SQL*PLUS, Transact SQL, ODQL , REXX, FORTRAN, C and Advanced C, UNIX Scripting (C, Korne, Bourne)

    * Oracle Tools: ORACLE Express, ORACLE Discoverer 2000, ORACLE Designer 2000, ORACLE Financial Analyzer / ORACLE Sales Analyzer; Awarded four ORACLE Masters by ORACLE Education

    * Computer Associates Tools: ERwin 3.5.2 and ERwin 4.x, BPwin 4.x (IDEF1X), KEY, eTrust suite of tools, DecisionBase, TEAMWORK, Jasmine ii with Active X, Jasmine ii Portal, Unicenter TNG Service Desk, TALON (a.k.a. GQL of Andyne Corp.)


    Pediatric Clinic, Garland Texas, Manager 2009 - Present
    Daily collection of checks received, totaled and deposited in the Bank. Billing patients, Patient record maintenance, Buying / Leasing office equipment. Enter administered vaccines to patients in a Federal Database including H1N1 vaccines.

    First American Corporation, Tax Processor III 2005-2009
    Maintenance of Mortgages and escrow accounts, contacting tax agencies, paying taxes and documenting tax statuses.

    Pediatric clinic, Garland Texas, Manager 2002-2005
    Manage Lytec software, Billing patients, Patient record maintenance, Buying / Leasing office equipment, Hiring lawyers for doctor, dealing with IRS and income tax issues

    Computer Associates International, Plano Texas, Consultant 1999 - 2002
    Enterprise software company addressing process management, information management and infrastructure management
    * Increased American Institute Inc. (AMI) revenue potential by 150%. Modeled and maintained the employee background check database through ODQL scripts enabling universal outsourcing
    * Completed the South Central Portal Data Analysis and Data Modeling for CA Consultants and Managers; The Portal database was completed successfully 2 months ahead of schedule
    * Raised QA productivity 50% by modeling and maintaining the Object Database writing 700+ methods and creating 300+ classes facilitating active testing through ODQL (Object SQL) scripts

    Oracle America, Inc., Las Colinas Texas, Sr. Data Warehousing Consultant 1998 - 1999
    A leading supplier of software for information management markets systems software & business applications software
    * Increased reporting efficiency by 300%. Worked on Data Warehousing project at Texas Instruments using ORACLE Discoverer 2000. Created source target attribute listing enabling Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL)
    * Saved an estimated $5 million from Anheuser Buschs promotional marketing budget by enabling the individual Marketing Manager assume the responsibility for campaign budget approval
    * Was trained extensively in most of the Express suite of Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) tools and ORACLE Designer 2000

    Bull Information Systems, Dallas Texas, Systems Integrator 1997 - 1998
    American subsidiary of a French company, strategic partner of NCR working for US State level Teradata applications
    * Integrating various Teradata Data Marts through identifying common inter-agency data reducing duplicate data by 80% in State of Michigan. Investigated initial design using ERwin and Teradata database
    * Implemented a Teradata Data Warehouse that enabled the use of an Expert System reducing Audit workload by 50% of Department of Treasury in the State of Michigan.
    * Designed and created 78 physical Teradata DB tables starting with 36 Legacy sources of Treasury department using Erwin for logical and physical design. Used GQL for ETL and evaluated other S/W vendors
    * Developed a Data Dictionary by understanding and inspecting every field of the Legacy data thus generating an Enterprise wide Teradata database; Irrelevant data was marked for deletion and erroneous data fields were marked for transformation
    * GQL ETL target database was Teradata, used for the Pilot project as well as the final project.
    * Extracted a Terabyte pilot data for 2 years out of 10; Identified gaps in data for clarification
    * Teradata DB was loaded on developing cleansing routines for transformation and final extraction

    Lockheed Martin, King of Prussia Pennsylvania, DB Architect 1996 - 1997
    Customer-focused, global enterprise principally engaged in systems integration, aeronautics, space and technology services
    * Compiled sources in Data Warehousing, Data Mining and Knowledgebase areas by researching books, white papers in record time and recruited for upcoming project team
    Logicon CTG, (now Northrop Grumman IT), IRS, Dallas Texas, Consultant 1996
    * Conducted Integration testing of online Case Processing System software compiled from five different IRS sites
    IBM Global Services, Irving Texas, Staff Application Integrator 1995
    Manufactures and sells computer services, hardware and software and also provides Global Services
    * Coordinated the development of IBM's global customer support project; Developed Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) using case tools like ADW and Key on OS/2
    * Analyzed and defined data mappings for Arizona Public Service, an Electric Utility
    * Created mappings with Access DB, documenting knowledge transfer and enabling Data modeling

    SYBASE, Dallas Texas, Senior Consultant 1993 - 1994
    An enterprise infrastructure company that bridges heterogeneous technologies
    * Designed and developed Stored Procedures using Power Builder for AMOCO Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
    * Instructed SYBASE courses for System 10
    * Installed and configured SYBASE products

    JIT Resources International, Austin, Texas, Consultant 1992 - 1993
    Customized JIT (Oracle VAR) package modules using SQL Forms, PL/SQL, SQL*PLUS, UNIX SVR4 on SUN Sparc stations involving heavy user interface, facilitating seamless induction of JIT (Oracle VAR) packages in the production environment.

    Computer Sciences Corporation, JSC NASA Consultant 1991 - 1992
    1. DBA in NASA's Oracle Help Desk Team; developed a script for automated migration of NASA's 'RIMS' relational database to Oracle v6.0
    2. Installed and tested NASA's Oracle upgrades under VM.
    3. Was part of a client/server desktop Office System development team using MS WIN3.1 beta, MS VB, MS WordBasic.

    Community Health Computing, Houston, Software Engineer 1990 - 1991
    1. Using Teamwork, a CADRE case tool analyzed a client/server HIS Blood bank application.
    2. Formalized brainstorming sessions with visiting industry users, specialists, internal panelists and other participants defined the MOTIF based HIS interface requirements using Builder Xcessory.
    3. Seven weeks full time training lead to four Oracle Masters, UNIX SVR4, Interleaf, 'C' and Advanced 'C'.

    EDS Corporation, Dallas, Consultant 1990 - 1990
    Supported IBM COBOL large bank software of newly acquired Mtech Corporation.

    IBM Information Network, Tampa, Senior Associate Programmer 1988 - 1989
    (VM/CMS, REXX)
    Defined requirements, analyzed, designed, coded & tested the E-Mail release 2.0, subscriber's directory, a virtual machine written in REXX; Also worked on both IBM's releases of internal & external PROFS.

    AMOCO Corporation, Chicago, IL. , Consultant 1988 - 1988
    (VM/CMS, SQL/DS, Cross System Product[CSP]),
    Designed, coded and tested an embedded SQL program in FORTRAN for an SQL/DS database; I was also trained in IBM s Cross System Product (CSP).

    CMC Ltd., New Delhi India, formerly IBM India, Area Manager 1986 - 1987
    Lead as DBA / Project lead, in the design of a Corporate MIS database, a team of four, that grew to a team of twelve installing on INDONET, a national network. Employed Demarco Analysis, Yourdon Design. Initiated database implementation on the INDONET using SQL/DS (evaluated & considered DB2 as option), ISQL & ISPF Dialog Manager, REXX and embedded SQL in COBOL.

    Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), Unitech Systems, Chicago, Consultant 1985 - 1986
    Supervised installation of 'Automated Balancing Procedures' in BCBS's
    two biggest applications, namely State of Illinois (SOI) and Corporate Coordination of Benefits (COB), on a national network for BCBS's Cost Containment System.
    Developed a proprietary spreadsheet using Warnier Orr diagrams and COBOL. Participated in organization of User Conferences and taught at user sites.
    Volunteer Activities
    Walked for March of Dimes; Raised $2334 for 2002 and $670 for 2001
    Weekly volunteer at Northwest Bible Church for Career Transition Workshop sessions

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