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  • Guy Faiette

    Fleet, Transportation & Logistics Professional

    Guy Faiette


    My professional experience will prove useful to any transportation, fleet management or logistic supply chain service organization regarding supervision, analysis, operations, maintenance, and regulatory compliance. I am cognizant of safety and risk mitigation criteria. I am fully trained in Total Quality Management. I am adept at negotiation of strategic vendor partnerships to enhance customer satisfaction where my primary concerns involve cost reduction and continuous service performance improvement. I have an extensive background regarding SKU inventory control techniques. I have been instrumental in saving previous employers between 10% and 30% of their transportation operation fleet maintenance expense. I am familiar with standard industry and "best in class" benchmark criteria regarding equipment specification, CDL qualification, vehicle license/title documentation, mechanic ASE certification, warranty administration and capital acquisition lease/purchase arrangements. I have a solid understanding of business finance, budget development and GAAP. I am Microsoft Office Suite PC proficient and computer literate regarding current state of the art transportation, logistics and fleet maintenance management software applications.


    I am well suited to perform in transportation or logistic service organizations that require a high degree of "hands on management" and continual interaction with operational personnel. I am comfortable with participatory, yet direct and decisive action in the performance of my various responsibilities. My managerial philosophy and leadership style reflect my total commitment to mission accomplishment. I am most productive when I have the position authority to implement change and direct operations via personnel and material resource management. I am most attuned with distinct instructions from superiors that I may translate to subordinates. I am proactive regarding project goals. I enjoy and accept the challenges of managerial responsibility. I appreciate superior senior managerial support, guidance, mentorship, recognition and trust as key motivations to assist me in the execution of sound judgment in the performance of my responsibilities.


    Knowledge of professional and technical aspects of supply chain logistics, transportation operations and fleet management including current trends and technological developments pertaining to acquisition, utilization, dispatch, operation, budget development, cost allocation, regulation and equipment maintenance. Employment of principles and practices of business administration applicable to transportation operations and fleet management. Skill to develop, plan, organize, implement and manage a complex centralized transportation operation and fleet management program with a diverse equipment inventory. Manage a comprehensive information system for auditing, billing, repair, fuel, parts and equipment management. Implement equipment replacement policies, maintenance inspection programs and strategic vendor relationships.


    Wisdom of the Ages (2010-2015)
    Consultative proposals for: Mayor Logistics, Peoria Ford, AET, GE, ADT, RSC, IGM, ARI, GSA, USFS, Penske, City of Scottsdale, COPART, Logisticare, Sonoco, Cabelas, Hertz, Avis, Aggreko, Chrysler and Sysco. Emphasis included fleet assessment regarding various management, procurement, maintenance, utilization, dispatch, software, sales, technology and contractual relationships.

    Fleet Superintendent
    Town of Gilbert, AZ (2009-2010):
    Fleet maintenance management for municipal government. Emphasis placed upon preventive repair and maintenance of a diverse equipment fleet.
    Fleet: 700 units. O&M: $7M. Staff: 25

    IAP Worldwide Services
    Global Operations Logistics
    Cape Canaveral, FL (US/HQ)
    Transportation Logistics Centre, Kuwait
    Heavy Lift VI US Army Sustainment Command Contract (2008):
    Plan, organize, direct and control all elements related to a major US Government DOD ID/IQ Flatbed and HET transportation service contract. Elemental requirements included DBA, personnel security badges, data collection/reporting of operational statistics, management of sub-contracts for logistics support and internal corporate administration. Sub-contracts included truck lease, DFAC, food, power, fuel, vehicles, sanitation, security and general material supply. Perform the managerial oversight for US DOT/OSHA/EPA compliance regulations. Provide the coincident liaison with Iraq based coordinators. Develop and foster cooperation with the Kuwait business sponsor for Host Nation relations, personnel visas and real estate issues.
    Fleet: 750 units. O&M: $35M. EBITDA: $5.25M. CAPEX: $250K. Staff: 50

    Wisdom of the Ages (2006-2007)
    Consultative proposals for CEMEX, SAIC, PEPSICO, SUNOCO, UCLA, CENDANT, AMERIGAS, Progress Energy, Agility Logistics, Autoway Ford, Earth Tech, Fairpoint Telecom, Waste Management, United Rentals, Oil Can Man, HOWCO Environmental Services, RedPrairie, City of San Francisco and DB Trucking. Emphasis included fleet assessment regarding various management, procurement, maintenance, utilization, dispatch, software, sales, technology and contractual relationships.

    Logistics Coordinator
    Tikrit Palace, Iraq
    Kellogg Brown & Root
    Halliburton Corporation
    Houston, TX (US/HQ) (2004-2005):
    Develop and execute logistical plans, policies and procedures necessary to provide support regarding supply, transportation, maintenance, warehousing and services functions. Coordinate logistic support infrastructure requirements to ensure efficient, timely and cost effective customer (US Army) support. Troubleshoot problem areas and implement proposed solution criteria. Coordinate logistics objectives, priorities and schedules. Analyze work process and develop performance measurement metrics. Coordinate HSE and HAZMAT requirements as necessary and appropriate for the logistical support mission criteria per LOGCAP III project controls.

    Logistics Solutions Manager
    Shell Services USA
    Equilon Enterprises, LLC dba Shell Oil Products, US
    Royal Dutch-Shell Petroleum Group
    Houston, TX (2003):
    Plan, direct, organize, coordinate and control Shell Services USA (SSUSA) Integrated Logistics Solutions. Support SSUSA marketing efforts with regard to targeted industrial sector Customer Value Propositions (CVP). Conduct, attend, participate, and contribute to special assignments, research projects, site assessments, and industry seminars. Work toward fulfillment of Individual Performance Contract (IPC) objectives and Competency Framework (CF) career development goals. Specific IPC include: Commercial Road Transport (CRT) MS Project definition, development, coordination and implementation scenario. Specific CF include: General Sales Service and Support (GS3) of SSUSA clientele CVP regarding Additional Service Areas (ASA) and Areas For Improvement (AFI). Industrial sector training and knowledge regarding Shell Specialty Equipment Services (SSES) in Mine, Quarry and Cement (MQC) heavy duty Open Gear Lubrication (OGL) applications (i.e. draglines, excavators, shovels, mills, kilns). Provision of general and specific support to SSUSA Operations, Integrated Solutions, Business Development, Project and the On-site Managers regarding Health, Safety, Security, Environment (HSSE) of past, present and future implementation initiatives.

    Project Manager
    SKE Support Services, Inc.
    City of Augusta - Richmond County Consolidated Government, GA (2002):
    Fleet maintenance management for consolidated city-county government. Emphasis on preventive/corrective repair and maintenance operations, regarding third party contract administration of a diverse/unique equipment fleet vehicle and unit mix. Provided overall management and administration of the contract operation including staffing, budgets, schedules, work performance and contract compliance. Initiated management actions and procedures. Assessed fleet problems and solutions. Single point of contact for the client on all matters relating to contract performance and operation. Responsible for on-site client relations. Prepared and submitted plans, schedules and reports to client. Negotiated contract modifications as directed and authorized by corporate management. Prepared and assigned resources to work plans. Monitored and performed periodic inspections of facilities, equipment and inventory to assure security, safety and accountability.
    Fleet: 2,500 units. Budget: O&M $3.25M. Staff: 50

    Fleet Manager (Assistant Director)
    Department of Sanitation Services and Fleet Management,
    City of Pensacola, Pensacola, FL (2001):
    Management of municipal fleet organization and operations. Responsibilities encompassed procurement, maintenance and disposition of diverse fleet assets. Provided strategic management of fleet maintenance and support activities including planning, staffing, monitoring and analyzing maintenance requirements, schedules and regulatory compliance. Directed supervisors responsible for work performance. Prepared and submitted daily operations reports and schedules to management; especially in regard to Solid Waste vehicles/equipment status.
    Fleet: 750 units. Budget: O&M $2.5M. CAPEX: $1M. Staff: 25

    Wisdom of the Ages (1999-2000)
    Experience includes managerial, sales, service and consultative assignments for Flying J Petroleum, Tampa Bay Area Commuter Services, EXEL Logistics, DP Solutions, Data Communication Network of New York (AT&T), and VOLT Telecommunications Group. Managerial emphasis included: analysis and recommendations regarding transportation operations, market/business development, equipment purchase/specification, asset control/coordination, contract negotiation/administration, software training/implementation, operational assessment and strategic fleet management. Consultative emphasis included: program development/oversight, fleet equipment lifecycle and infrastructure cost accountability regarding various procurement, maintenance, utilization, technology and corporate contractual relationships with national account vendors concerning logistic support relative to diverse equipment/vehicle fleets.

    Operations Manager (Administrative Support Manager)
    Fleet Maintenance Division, General Services Department,
    City of Clearwater, Clearwater, FL (1995-1998):
    Assistant to division administrator responsible for management oversight of administrative, technical and special projects work via conduct of research and analysis of proposed recommendations for program improvements for more efficient and effective service delivery. General operational responsibilities encompass: vendor contracts, mechanical and clerical staff supervision, vehicle and equipment acquisition and disposal, customer coordination and regulatory compliance of fleet maintenance services to include shop supervision and operational dispatch. Accountabilities involve administrative and management responsibility for the implementation of policy (internal and external); economical fleet operation and maintenance; registration, inspection and statutory regulatory compliance; and cooperative working relationships with user departments utilizing Total Quality techniques to assess fleet productivity and performance. Conference speaker at National Propane (LPG) Convention regarding CAAA/EPACT mandates.
    Fleet: 1,000 units. Budget: O&M $3.5M. CAPEX: $2M. Staff: 30

    Fleet Analyst
    Fleet Management Division, Public Services Department,
    Salt Lake City Corporation, Salt Lake City, UT (1986-1995):
    Analysis and recommendations on all aspects of the Fleet Management Division programs regarding vehicle and equipment acquisition, maintenance, repair and disposition. Budget formulation and oversight for both Internal Service Fund revenue and user department cost allocation for fleet. Database administration for maintenance management system (MULTIFORCE) involving shop work-orders, labor distributions, repair categorization, parts and equipment inventories, cost accounting and allocations, life-cycle cost analysis for replacement decisions, and automated fueling systems (FUELFORCE). Alternative fuel administration regarding conversion for 100 CNG units. Certification: HP3000 System (SQL, QUERY, INFORM, REPORT).
    Fleet: 1,250 units. Budget: O&M $5M. CAPEX: $2.5M. Staff: 50

    Transportation Administrator
    Transportation Department,
    Universal City Studios, Los Angeles, CA (1984-1986):
    Compliance with state and federal regulations for drivers and vehicles reference qualifications, documentation, safety, accident investigation and preventive maintenance for executive car and internal fleet vehicles.
    Fleet: 500 units. Budget: O&M $1M. CAPEX: $.5M. Staff: 15

    Sales Representative
    Hartford Insurance Company, Los Angeles, CA (1982-1983):
    Salesman for corporate employee benefit insurance products.
    Total sales of $250K premium generation over 15 groups.


    First Lieutenant
    82nd Airborne Division, United States Army, Fort Bragg, NC (1979-1981):
    Service with Air Defense Artillery battalion. Officer responsibilities encompassed organization and direction of unit operations and logistics via flexible command, control and coordination of unit personnel and equipment.
    Decorations: Army Commendation Medal, Senior Parachutist Badge.
    Promotion: Captain (1985)
    US Army Reserve: (1982-1992)


    BS, Business Administration, Arizona State University (1978)
    Major: Transportation and Distribution Management (Logistics), GPA 3.62
    Extern: Interstate Commerce Commission, Washington, DC (HHG Project)
    Curricula: Principles of Transportation; Physical Distribution Management; Industrial Marketing; International Transportation; Operations: Railroad, Motor Carrier, Airline, Water, Pipeline; Advanced Transportation Topics; Economic Geography; Transportation Law & Regulation.




    National Association of Fleet Administrators
    Rocky Mountain Fleet Managers Association
    Tampa Bay, FL Clean Cities Coalition (USDOE)
    American Gas Association (NGV/CNG Coalition)
    American Trucking Association (Maintenance Council)
    Florida Association of Governmental Fleet Administrators

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